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I thought it would be nice to give you some context of my story that led me to this place of creating GP. I like to describe the inception of becoming a founder of this immersive care company as a convergence of three parallel paths. I come from 13 years in tech and consulting with companies like Deloitte, Headspace, Amazon. I learned a ton from those experiences and moreover from the smart, talented, creative people I had the privilege of working with. But I’m also grateful to that career path because it has motivated me to get off the ride.

I have always had a deep love of beauty/makeup/skincare, so about four years ago I started to look more seriously at moving over the beauty industry. Admittedly, I applied to a bunch of beauty brands, from Tarte, Too Faced, Loreal, and couldn’t seem to land the transition from my tech-heavy resume. So, in lieu of working for a big box beauty company, I attended the Texas Laser and Aesthetics academy here in Austin where I took courses in advanced skincare ingredients and medical aesthetics, so I’m actually licensed in the state of TX to perform all sorts of aesthetic treatments with the big lasers, micro needling, IPL, etc. And I had every intention of working for a medspa for a time and then either opening my own and/or creating a skincare brand.

Now fun fact, my mother happens to have a small farm in Western NY where she grows some medicinal herbs and things she uses in her acupuncture clinic. So, with her help, I went to the farm and formulated my first beta product which was an anti-inflammatory oil cleanser. It had jojoba, chamomile, calendula, licorice root… I produced about 250 bottles to sell to family & friends. And got great feedback on it! It smelled lovely, it was a wonderful cleanser for removing makeup and sunscreen, and left your skin feeling really plump and nourished. But the skincare alone wasn’t quite landing for me. It was lacking some depth of purpose and meaning, and I also recognized that the competitive landscape was over saturated. I decided if I can’t create something that’s truly better than what exists today, then I shouldn’t create it at all.

Now the third leg of this three-legged stool is I suppose the most vulnerable. It’s the linchpin that really closed the circle of what is now GP, and that is my own journey with mental health. Since high school, I have been on a very long and winding road to find some relief for the mood disorders that began in my teen years. A big part of that relief came when about 7 years ago I discovered medicinal plants, functional mushrooms. I found that by leveraging these plants and mushrooms I could regain my creative energy, social energy, motivation, clear brain fog, enhance my vitality, and so many other things that improve quality of life. Of course, over the last decade, the West has been slowly adopting what used to be considered “alternative medicine” or straight up illegal drugs. First it was cannabis, then CBD, followed by functional mushrooms, and now we’re seeing an investment in psychedelic research by large medical institutions and big pharma for clinical applications, and I believe that the next door to open will be the broader medicinal plants and herbs sector. The vast array of medicinal plants available to us have the ability to treat every inch of us. From cognition, to physiological functions, to emotional and sexual wellness.

This is the convergence of the three-legged stool. And it’s where I’ve decided to focus the mission of GP, using the knowledge that I’ve acquired from studying skincare, aesthetics, medicinal plants and herbs, and my own journey with emotional wellbeing, that’s what I want to share with the world. And GP is my most authentic brain child for those reasons.

To learn more about the products we’re launching this year and to be part of our journey to launch, check out our WeFunder page linked in the newsletter.

I’ll leave you with this closing thought:

GP’s core values are to be curious, to feel more, and to seek to evolve. My goal in creating this company is to inspire people to embody these values, because they all ladder up to the theme of vulnerability, which I believe is the most essential trait in connecting to ourselves, and to other people. That is what GP is about. Connection. And it’s why we focus on total body wellness, or as we call it, immersive care. If you embody curiosity, if you seek to evolve and improve, and if you’re connected to yourself, you will automatically become more empathic and connected to each other. And I don’t think the world has ever needed that more.

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