Meet the Woman Behind the Inspiration for Good Psyche

Meet the Woman Behind the Inspiration for Good Psyche

Many people ask me what inspired me to create Good Psyche. My answer? It isn't what, but who. Meet Shannon Chanler, herbalist, acupuncturist, regenerative herb farmer, and my mother. 

I created Good Psyche as an homage to her knowledge of traditional medicine and her passion for healing. My goal is to transpose the magic she creates on the farm onto a brand that can reach millions of people. 

In 2020, I went home to the farm and worked with Shannon to create what was the first product prototype, which at the time was an oil based cleanser crafted small batch with plants and herbs grown on site. It contained jojoba oil, chamomile, calendula, and licorice root; a beautiful combination that deeply cleansed and soothed skin. 

But Shannon's practice with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) goes back to 2008, when she graduated from the Finger Lakes School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and trained at Memorial Sloan Kettering for therapeutic applications of acupuncture for cancer patients. A few years later, she opened the Geneseo Acupuncture at Fall Brook Farms where she has practiced since. The clinic sits on the farm property, making for an idyllic setting for those seeking to heal their body and mind. 

She specializes in sports performance and recovery, cancer patient care, chronic illness and pain, weight management, fertility and pregnancy, anxiety and depression, digestive health, and overall wellness.

Her body balancing sessions can include treatments like: 

  • Craniosacral therapy - a a form of alternative medicine that uses gentle touch to feel non-existent rhythmic movements of the skull's bones and supposedly adjust the immovable joints of the skull to achieve a therapeutic result. 
  • Physical therapy 
  • Yoga 
  • Meditation / relaxation practices 
  • Personalized home exercise program 
  • Energetic balancing of the musculoskeletal system 
  • Reiki - a Japanese healing art form 
  • Ayurvedic consult to help determine your primary constitution and identify the types of food and lifestyle adjustments can bring your body and mind into balance 
  • Sound healing to  promote healing of  muscles, tendons and ligaments; relieve  bone and joint pain; attune and balance vital energy centers / Chakras

Shannon has not slowed down, continuing to buzz about the farm working on various projects to engage the community. You can catch much more of her beginning this month on my newly re-launched YouTube channel. Subscribe to follow along as I document my summer living and working on the farm! 

What you can expect: 

  • education on herbs + TCM 
  • sheep content 
  • cooking 
  • horses 
  • lake life 
  • trying to keep up with Shannon 
  • beautiful scenery 
  • wellness 
  • beauty & skincare 

Thanks for being a curious human! 

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