Clary Sage: The "Clear Eye" Herb

Clary Sage: The "Clear Eye" Herb

Clary Sage, or Salvia Sclarea, is a short-lived herbaceous perennial in the genus Salvia. Native to the northern Mediterranean Basin, North Africa and Central Asia, Clary Sage is commonly harvested as an essential oil extract for perfumes, liqueurs, and aromatherapies.

Derived from the Latin word clarus, meaning “clear”, Clary Sage has been revered throughout history in various cultures medicinal, and spiritual practices as a powerful healing herb for eye health. Both for physical ocular health and for metaphysical “site” through clarity of mind.

With a dry, floral, bitter scent and musky, woody, herbacious notes, Clary Sage is commonly prescribed as a euphoric in aromatherapy for its ability to influence positive mood, promote tranquility and provide a sense of ease.

While research is limited, anecdotally, Clary Sage has historically been used as an aid to women’s hormone health to relieve symptoms of PMS, menopause, and help balance hormones.

Long regarded as a sacred healing plant, Clary Sage is reported to promote clarity and presence of mind, and elicit a deep state of relaxation to guide the user into a deep sleep or meditative state.

Said to possess anti-depressant properties for its suspected effect on dopamine receptors, Clary Sage is often used in daily emotional wellness routines and spiritual practices.

Get your daily dose of tranquility when you use Glisten Up! face and body mist containing a balanced blend of aromatherapy scents Lavender, Geranium, and Clary Sage. 

For an extra potent effect, try a Clary Sage essential oil. Rub a few drops of a Clary Sage essential oil on the inside of your wrists and touch to your chest and stomach. Inhale deeply. For eyes, soak a wash cloth in water mixed with a few drops of Clary Sage essential oil. Wring the cloth until it is only damp, and rest it gently across your closed eyes. Breathe deeply and relax. 

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