Biohacking your way to your summer body (and mind)!

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It’s officially Spring which means summer is right around the corner. This month I want to talk about ways to optimize your body, mind, and spirit to reframe what it means to get in shape for summer. And personally, I always use this time of year to clean out the cobwebs and have a bit of a renewal, a reinvention of self.. This year, that means putting myself in new environments, expanding my community, getting reinspired with a new workout routine, and tuning up my body and mind.

February and even March have felt a little stagnant and uninspiring, so to get reinspired and reinvigorate myself physically, mentally, and spiritually, I joined a new social club to expand my social network, meet new friends and mentors, and attend events. I’m continually reminded how important a community that inspires and motivates me is to my mental health and motivation. So pushing outside the limits of my current social circle is opening doors for both my business and my own personal enjoyment.

When it comes to tuning up my body and mind, my normal workout routine felt a little stale, so I’m quitting my current gym membership and looking to start at a new gym with new people, equipment, and energy, attend a dance class now and again, and get my exercise doing stuff outside, maybe even play some pickleball idk.

I’m also exploring more innovative wellness avenues like IV therapies, peptides, sensory deprivation tanks, NAD+, cold plunge and infrared saunas, and experimenting with new combinations of herbal plant remedies, switching up my herb routine.

I will do a separate article on these wellness treatments like NAD+, peptides, and infrared because they deserve their own spotlight, but I want to focus on how you can tune up your body and mind using herbs. I think when people think of getting their “summer body” they immediately go to “I have to go hard hitting the treadmill and weights for the next 8 weeks”, and while exercise is an important component of optimizing your physical health, you may be neglecting some easy ways to biohack your body into looking and performing better.

Let’s tackle this in pieces: First we have the obvious, shedding a few pounds. The market is full of various products that claim to help with weight loss, but not all of them are effective, let alone safe. Herbs have been used for centuries in traditional medicine.. These herbs can help to increase metabolism, suppress appetite, reduce gut inflammation, prevent cravings, and flush excess water weight.

Green tea, Cinnamon, Ginger, Dandelion, Turmeric, and Eleuthero root. All very easy to come by at your local grocery store.

If you listened to our January article on Tulsi and the gut-brain axis, you’ll recall the direct connection between gut health and mental health, so when we think about tuning up mentally in the form of feeling less anxious, fatigued, and feeling more joy, mental clarity there’s a lot we can do by ingesting herbs. A couple I’ll highlight are: Bacopa Monnieri, improves memory, reduces anxiety. And one of my favorites that I have personally been taking for a while now, Rhodiola, reduces anxiety and fatigue, improves symptoms of depression, improves stamina, helps to support mental clarity.

So - I hope you all use this time of year to open yourself up to new possibilities, find new communities, try a new workout, get outside, and give your body and mind a fresh start with these easy herbal bio-hacks.

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