A lover's guide to Valentine's day (or any day)

A lover's guide to Valentine's day (or any day)

Hello darling, 

Here for a good time? We have your good times covered. Whether you're seeking Valentine's Day inspiration or a little something to spice up every day intimacy, our lover's guide will pique your curiosity and get your blood pumping. 

Sip the Mood tea for mood and libido support 

Shop $42

Feeling agitated, strung out, and tense? Sip the Mood is a mildly sweet and lightly spiced blend packed with warming spices and potent aphrodisiac herbs to help lift your mood and ease you into a state of sensual relaxation.


The Drop personal massager from Maude 

Shop $49 

"Discreet and easy-to-use, drop is our 3-speed, palm-sized massager, intended as a full-body and erogenous zone massager and made to mimic the ball of a wand."

hand holding personal massager


Blue Lotus minis ~ sharable smokes for mood and libido 

Shop $38 

Experience pocket-sized serenity with the blue lotus minis. This organic blue lotus flower is rolled in organic rolling papers. This product does not contain CBD or THC. Each pack contains 10 pre-rolls that weigh ~.5 g each.

tin of ten miniature blue lotus pre rolls


Tremella mushroom organic lube from Good Parts 

Shop $28

"This aloe-based lubricant is packed with high-grade, high-performance natural ingredients and moisturizing skin care elements like snow mushroom, oat and quinoa extracts, providing extra glide and comfort while hydrating sensitive areas. Features a locking pump cap for easy application and travel. Compatible with condoms and silicone toys, and pH-balanced for people with vulvas. Hypoallergenic, and gentle on even the most sensitive skin. Easily rinses off with warm water."

male hand holding small glass bottle of personal lube


Playground by Mood Maker 

Shop $29

Playground's Mood Maker is a libido-boosting oil with Ashwagandha, Reishi, Electric Daisy, Apricot and Meadowfoam oils. The euphoric oil has a scent profile of vanilla, sandalwood, rose, and ylang ylang, to ignite your senses and spark connection. Glide it on for a silky start to foreplay. 


Mindful Intimacy card deck from Wonderlust 

Shop $40

"Spice things up and strengthen your relationship with this intimacy card deck for couples. There are 138 prompts based on sex therapy principles to help you open up, explore your desires and learn new things about each other."

 box of intimacy cards


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