What's 50x sweeter than sugar and good for you? 🍭

What's 50x sweeter than sugar and good for you? 🍭

Stressed? Let us introduce you to Licorice root. 

Licorice root, or sweet root, is not the twisted gummy you’re used to finding in the grocery store candy aisle. Though it can be used as a flavoring agent for its naturally spicy-sweet profile and aromatic scent, this herbaceous perennial legume native to Western Asia, North Arica, and Southern Europe has an impressive reputation for supporting your adrenal glands. 

Your adrenal glands are responsible for producing and managing the stress hormone cortisol. If you’re under chronic stress, as many of us are, you can develop a cortisol resistance. In this state, the feedback loop that normally functions as a signal to your adrenals to stop producing cortisol, is missing.

Licorice root helps to regulate cortisol levels, which in turn helps regulate inflammation. One thing we know to be true: Chronic inflammation and adrenal fatigue cause a whole host of problems for your body and mind.  

On top of supporting a healthy stress response, Licorice root has also been used to treat ulcers, gastritis, auto-immune inflammation, chronic cough, and because it’s an adaptogen, it serves as a generalized balancing agent for your body’s functions.

Some other notable benefits of Licorice root:

  • Helps to stabilize mood
  • Promotes healthy sleep cycles
  • Regulates metabolism 
  • Antispasmodic pain relief  
  • Brightens and soothes skin 

It tastes great and packs a healthy punch. Try it in our Sip the Mood tea for a delightfully spicy-sweet ritual. 

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