The herb for sexual arousal and stamina ~ Damiana

The herb for sexual arousal and stamina ~ Damiana

šŸŒ¼ Have you tried Damiana? šŸŒ¼Ā Also known as Turena Diffusa, this low-growing plant has vibrant yellow flowers and fragrant leaves, and provides a very mild high that can enhance your mood, help you relax, and ignite your sensual side.

Native to Southwest Texas and Central/South America, Damiana has long been usedĀ as an herbal aphrodisiac toĀ improve arousal and stamina in men and women, and is said to relieve performance-related anxiety in men.Ā 

For women, Damiana has beenĀ used toĀ right imbalances inĀ the female reproductive system by improvingĀ blood circulation, increasing lowĀ testosterone levels and potentially decreasing high estrogen levels.

DamianaĀ has also been used in the management of diabetes for its potential ability to regular blood sugar levels,Ā 

To ingest Damiana, you consume dried leaves in tea, or capsules, or some prefer it as a tincture.

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