Founder Showers

Hey listeners - Trish here - Founder of Good Psyche - and you’re listening to The Good Journal. This episode touches on the culture around startups, why there’s so little financial and emotional support for founders, and how we can better support them. VERY EXCITING announcements: July is a big month for Good Psyche. We are making a debut at the ReFind summer marketplace and pool party at the hotel magdalena on July 16th. This will be our first public appearance and we’ll be selling some very special products! So if you’re in Austin come by and see us. 

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Today, I want to discuss the topic of what we’re calling 

Founder showers 💵🌱🍄🤝  As a society, we have built in ceremonies and traditions that tell us how to support and celebrate our friends and family members through various life milestones: when they get married, have children, and in some cases, even when they get divorced. 

But we don't have any norms that tell us how we can show up for new founders building their start ups.  

Business tycoons like Elon Musk and Codie Sanchez have spoken about it, and we have some thoughts to share as well.

The journey of entrepreneurship albeit rewarding, is grueling, relentless, and riddled with immense pressure and self doubt. Tapping into every reservoir your body and mind has to offer, and then some. Raising funds is one of the most challenging things I’ve ever had to do (in this economy?! 😅Please). And getting funds to feed a startup is just one bucket that needs filling on any given day. For Founders, there are dozens of buckets the business demands be filled. And nothing happens unless we MAKE it happen. It’s part of the exhilarating thrill and inherent risk of building something. BUT… 

Consider other major life events. When someone is having a baby, their family and friends rally around them to offer their time, gifts, financial and emotional support. Weddings are incredibly expensive, and when someone gets married, what do we do? Same thing. 💰🎁 🤲🏼

But there are no social norms guiding friends and family on how to support someone who is starting a business. And the trend of entrepreneurship seems to be growing as people are getting fed up and burnt out at their corporate jobs and search for more meaning, purpose, and agency over their destiny. So we should probably have a playbook for supporting them! 

Consider approaching a friend who is dedicated and working tirelessly to build something great, and offer to help. Whether that’s throwing them some money (trust me, even that $50 goes towards an important operational expense) or offering your time to help them set up for an event, package shipments, label products, take photos, make social media content, refer investors, wealthy relatives or bitcoin bros, and just ASK them what they need. They’ll probably look at you with an expression of relief and gratitude that someone even thought to offer and ask🥺🥹

The founder game can be an isolating path where you consistently battle your own inner critic and subject yourself to the critique of others. Let’s cultivate a community that supports and CONTRIBUTES towards blossoming new businesses and the gritty souls who dare to build them. ✊🏼

We launched our Good Psyche VENMO! This makes it extremely easy for our friends, family, and followers to contribute donations of any amount towards our build. And I can tell you exactly where your money will go: towards the development of our website and e-commerce platform, currently under construction. Your contributions will also help cover the cost of our pop-up event next month - July 16th, and it will go towards placing the purchase orders for our initial run of product inventory. All significant milestones in getting us to launch! Use the link in the newsletter which will take you directly to our company Venmo account. 

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